About 50% of emotional intelligence comes from our genetic inheritance. The rest can be learned.

Being an accomplished person involves more than an admirable track record or exemplary ethical behaviour. You must tap into your inner nature to develop and maximize your emotional intelligence – which is the basis of all effective communication, sound decision making and optimal performance.

Through this training, we will expand on course material discussed in VIV 301 (a prerequisite for this course). We give you the knowledge to ‘reprogram your internal GPS’ by using emotions to help you achieve your goals, through tools successfully tested and proven with thousands of participants.


  • Manage your internal dialogue and make it your ally
  • The school of life: 10 essential rules for humans
  • Develop 6 key skills: self-awareness, perseverance, confidence, motivation, empathy and adaptability
  • Yesterday ended at midnight! Learn to erase the memory of unnecessary emotional memories
  • The elements and components of a positive and dynamic mindset
  • Initiate and maintain motivation throughout a project
  • Follow the path of the hero for sustainable transformation


  • Deep knowledge of yourself and others to effectively manage emotions in difficult situations
  • Know how to build a personal mission
  • How to gain the choice and freedom to act or react
  • The power charisma

* Additional coaching is available to strengthen the implementation of the learned material, because with emotional intelligence, practice is needed.