“The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of.” – Blaise Pascal

We can’t ignore our emotions; rather, it is how we manage them which defines our character. By understanding emotional intelligence and using it wisely, we can make our character traits work for us. In this way we can have an impact in our personal and professional lives, influencing how we interact with others and fostering better communication among teams.

This training invites you to explore the basic principles of emotional intelligence.


• Architecture of the human brain
• History of emotional intelligence
• The nature and power of emotions
• Harmonization of the rational and irrational
• Create stability points within instability
• Become the observer of your own thoughts and emotions
• Faced with a difficult situation, do we react by choice or by reflex?
• Stress-management techniques


• Self-esteem: Turn adversity into opportunity
• Understanding the impact of emotions on communication, behaviour and decisions
• Increased intelligence and emotional maturity
• Effective management of your emotions and those of others

We can help you develop the mental and emotional strength to cope with life pressures gracefully and with determination!

* Additional coaching is available to strengthen the implementation of the learned material.

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