Find stability in instability, since the only constant is change.

How does one manage processes and interpersonal and emotional states within the organization, in a context of continuous change? This course offers an innovative approach to managing change through continuity. You will learn to identify and manage the stages of change ― from crisis to transition, to processing and finally to stability ― using the skills of continuity management.


• Identify and expand the boundaries of comfort zones
• Create points of stability within the matrix to experience change in a different way
• Manage four essential steps: Crisis, bereavement, transition and transformation
• Identify the hidden emotions behind all our decisions, even the most rational
• Know the emotions and representations that promote change


• Change at the individual level (the hero’s journey): to be, to do, and finally to have
• Change in the group: manage rumour and create interaction
• Change at the organizational level: plan, organize, implement and review

After this course, you and your team will welcome change rather than dread it!