Good salespeople have the right sales tools, techniques and skills; great salespeople also have the right attitude!

This training provides practical and effective tools to optimize your sales process. Participants will be sensitized to the importance of relationships established with prospects, and how to exceed the expectations of potential and current customers. By quickly identifying the values, motivations and decision-making processes of the other person, you will be able to adjust your verbal and non-verbal messages to deliver flexible client service and influence with integrity. The program also equips you to handle objections effectively.


• Design and deliver proposals that speak to the head, heart and wallet
• Increase your closing ratio
• Relationship-building techniques


• Unique Partnership Proposal (UPP) – how your service is structured
• Countering obstacles in the transaction process
• Why the “one size fits all” approach does not work
• When and how to close a sale — reasons why 63% of sales forces in North America aren’t able to close