President and Founder, Fares Chmait

Farès Chmait founded Impact-Pro in 1990.  Post Master Practitioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP) with an extensive knowledge in business and international relations, he has helped many professionals and companies meet their business goals and has shared the fruits of his experience with clients in 20 nations. Farès Chmait is totally involved in the process of provoking change and positively influencing the destiny of his clients, while focusing on the words: impact and excellence, hence the company name Impact-Pro.


Meet the rest of the team :

Mireille Robitaille, Director

Marie-Frederique Themens, Business Development Manager

Caroline Rouleau, Support for process optimization


Louis Baril

A proven natural leader recognized for his human and logical approach, Louis is an adviser in conflict management and an harassment investigator to the Ministry of Defense.

Joseph Chbat

A Specialist in Emotional Intelligence.  His approach combines theory with practice, and reflection with exercises. He leads participants to accomplish their potential and discover the pleasure in work and life.

Pierre Duguay

A natural leader and seasoned communicator, Pierre is, among other things, in charge of the Mon Emploi column in Saturday’s La Presse careers and professions section. Pierre is a key reference in the field of labour relations.

Jimmy Muyal

Jimmy Muyal has extensive experience in corporate training and events.  He has achieved a broad range of mandates, including: customer creation and retention, sales growth, and retirement-related negotiations and planning.

Alessandra Pintore

Alessandra Pintore is well known for her structured approach and her ability to convey her pedagogical and practical skills while making people feel comfortable.  Her specialty: managing customer expectations.

Lino Plescia

To help others obtain what they truly want to achieve, whether the focus is Leadership, Emotional Intelligence or Performance he is one who leads by example. As an Ironman athlete who has competed in several Ironman Triathlon races across North America, Lino brings his sense of commitment and dedication to the workplace.