The Importance of Professional Development

Professional development is increasingly vital to Orders and Professional Associations. With globalisation and the development of new technologies, it is no longer possible to only sit on the knowledge acquired back in grad school. Broadening skillsets and knowledge is imperative to any professional who wants to excel in his or her field of expertise, and this process is continuous.

What is Professional Development Training

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Professional Development is a process in which qualified individuals enrol in specialised training courses, seminars, or workshops to expand their qualifications and, in some cases, maintain professional credentials. Professional development training is often based on topics that are related but not directly in line with the field of expertise of the participants. This provides an opportunity for specialised workers to “add-on” aptitudes and competencies they would not have gained “on the job”. Studies have shown that this materialises in a more knowledgeable and inspired specialised workforce.

New Learning  – New Skills – New Experiences

At Impact-Pro, we are excited to help professionals feel empowered by their knowledge and succeed in their career goals. This is the reason why we have partnered with notable Professional Associations to provide experts with the training they need to excel in their field.

Accredited courses

Changes happen all around us – and changes can come with their challenges. However, instead of “enduring” these changes, we believe that it is important to evaluate and figure-out how they can broaden our horizons and teach us to carry out our roles better. This was our aim when we developed our Accredited Courses Program: to help professionals succeed in their role. Today, we offer top-quality specialised trainings for 4 different Professional Associations, and we offer them in both official languages.

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Real Estate Negotiation: Accredited by the OACIQ

real estate professional developmentIn life, we negotiate all the time, but how many of us have been trained to do so effectively? Contrary to popular belief, the ability to negotiate effectively can be learned. In this program, participants will discover how to have good self-control, as well as how to fully understand and exploit all the verbal and non-verbal communication expressed by the opposing party. Through this course, participants will also acquire a solid foundation in negotiation tactics.

Presented by Fares Chmait, an internationally recognized author, speaker, motivator and trainer, this training will provide real estate professionals with the skills and best practices to make a negotiation both productive and enjoyable. This program provides you with 5 continuing education units in the specialized content category.

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A ChAD Accredited Course

insurance professional developmentDo you ever ask yourself why sometimes, despite your best efforts—including cast-iron logic and a great pitch—your proposal was rejected?

Negotiating is a part of everyday life. If you don’t do it conscientiously, you’ll suffer from unnecessary stress and you’ll miss opportunities.

With Impact-Pro, you will become an effective and successful negotiator with focused practical training. Learn how to get the outcomes you want while leaving the other side feeling satisfied as well.

In this program, participants will learn the principals of negotiation. They will also understand how to grasp the other party to communicate effectively. Finally, participants will understand the characteristics of a successful negotiation, and will learn how to use the negotiation techniques learned in the right situations.

This course meets the credits requirements of the ChAD (6 PDU in Profesionnal Development/ ChAD AFC08235). Past participants have reported that the Impact-Pro program is valuable in improving their effectiveness in the necessary negotiations they undertake every day with their clients and potential clients.

Good negotiators find ways to succeed in almost any situation. Contact Impact-Pro today.

Sales Training – Accredited by IIROC

continuing professional developmentTo expand your client base and boost your market share – these are the challenges of even the most talented salespeople. In this competitive business space, it’s not enough to do something well; you must do the right things with the right attitude.

Broadening the skillsets of Securities industry specialists, all the while integrating the needs and realities they face in their field, Impact-Pro has created a course based on sales techniques related to the Canadian Securities industry. The course aims to provide an overview of the complete transaction process; from getting an appointment to concluding the sale. The objective of this training is to help Securities industry professionals develop the necessary proficiencies to excel in establishing good business relationships with their clients. This training is equivalent to 5 Continuing Education credits.

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Negotiation Training – Accredited by the Chambre de la sécurité financière (CFS)

financial services professional developmentThe ability to negotiate effectively is truly an essential life skill — not only in business, but also in our personal lives. Those who aren’t strategic negotiators can experience stress and loss of opportunities. In fact, recent studies have shown that people with poor negotiation skills are 60% less likely to be successful. Not knowing the art of negotiation is a serious drawback!

Presented by Fares Chmait (author, speaker, motivator and internationally recognized trainer) this course on successful negotiating techniques is recognized as part of the continuing education requirements of the Chambre de la sécurité financière (equivalent to 5 of the 10 required Professional Development Units in general subjects).

By the end of this training, participants will learn the tactics and techniques necessary to carry out an effective negotiation where both parties are satisfied. Participants will also learn the discipline to stay focused on the outcome rather than being distracted by stress and emotion.

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Impact-Pro is determined to inspire professionals to broaden their skillsets and become better in their field—and with years of experience and worldwide recognition, we are equipped to do so.

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