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“Motivation” is a word people seem to throw around a lot these days. We want our children to be more motivated in their studies, our favourite sports teams fully motivated in winning the championship, our poetry club members to be more motivated to read the selected materials, and, in business, everything seems to be accounted to, or blamed on, motivation—or the lack of it. Human Resources studies have shown that drawbacks such as low employee performance and high employee turnover are mainly due to companies’ inability to motivate their employees. So, the question is simple, how do you get yourself and others “motivated”?

How to Motivate

The ability to motivate others is no simple task. In the rush of meeting deadlines and fulfilling business responsibilities, executives often lack the time and resources to determine how to increase team motivation and inspire their human capital to appreciate the company’s values and future goals. For this reason, more and more businesses opt to hire a Motivational Speaker to help with this task. Motivational speakers will study the overall company’s situation and provide invaluable advice that will ultimately maximise human potential and help teams reach their goals.

Motivation in the Workplace

Countless studies have been completed on this subject and every business (big or small) is interested in discovering how to keep workplace motivation high. Incentives such as salary increases, benefits, and employee recognition programs are all great. Yet, ultimately, nothing creates better motivation than “engaging” your staff.

How to Motivate Employees

According to a survey completed by the SHRM in 2015, only 69% of workers felt they were consistently putting all their effort into their work. This unfortunately means that there is a large percentage of the workforce that is not inspired to give their best at work.

Using Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, here are some reasons that can motivate individuals perform at work:


Physiological Needs Salary
Safety Needs Pension Plan, Medical Benefits
Belongingness Needs Better relationships with coworkers, team spirit…
Esteem Needs Prestige obtained by company, position, professional designation…
Self-Actualisation Needs Achieving full potential, purpose…

Through the examples above, we can see that companies can certainly provide incentives that will motivate workers to perform in their tasks. Almost any employer can satisfy the first three or four needs listed above. A motivational speaker will show business leaders how to touch on that last need, which is the one most difficult to achieve.

As afore mentioned, a motivational speaker will analyse a company’s situation and will help management come up with a specific plan of action to achieve business goals. He or she will then present this action plan to the team in a way that will make employees feel challenged, empowered, and engaged.

The Best Motivational Speakers

At Impact-Pro, we aim to be the best at what we do. Internationally renowned for our varied expertise in psychology, communication, marketing, sales, negotiation and business development, the Impact-Pro experts offer countless firsthand success examples that will not only inspire, but provide authentic recommendations on how to reach your objectives and drive your team to do better.

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Helping people see things differently

Businesses are often held back by their own ways of doing things. Routine tasks and deadlines are horrible monsters that eat away at creativity and the potential for undertaking processes in a unique way that best suits a team. Too often are company values forgotten or not put into practice, teams demoralised by failure to achieve goals, or team-spirits deflated by negativity. At Impact-Pro we are committed to put a spark back into any team.  We aim to revive teamwork and are trained to handle negativity and resistance.

Accomplished Leaders

Your staff members are great at what they do. However, having a team composed of well-trained workers is not all that it takes to ensure productivity. A team must work together toward a common purpose. Are you trying to increase sales? Do you hope to win your share of an overseas market? What are your business’s main objectives in the upcoming year(s) and have these objectives been translated to your staff? Informing your staff about your goals is not enough. Team members must feel engaged and excited about the upcoming company’s projects.  Impact-Pro’s accomplished Motivational Speakers will offer the leadership required to get your team members onboard. We will work with you and your team to help make each member feel they have a role to play within the organization and its main objectives. We will help your team members feel a sense of achievement in the successes of the organization.

Take active steps toward improving your staff motivation. Contact Impact-Pro today and let our Motivational Speakers drive profitability in your business!

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