Negotiation Skills Training  – It’s a must

Become an effective and successful negotiator with focused practical training. Learn how to get the outcomes you want while leaving the other side feeling satisfied as well.  Negotiation skills are invaluable in business and everywhere in life. Good negotiators find ways to succeed in almost any situation.

How to Negotiate Your Next Deal

Negotiation SkillsIf you or your team are in sales, management, or corporate leadership you have to negotiate on a daily basis. Some points are relatively minor, and sometimes the outcome of a single negotiation can be a career-changer. Impact-Pro negotiation training will enable you to get the best possible outcome from all these opportunities – both big and small.



Negotiation Courses

An investment in a negotiation course for a sales team can have a huge ROI. Imagine if your closing rate doubled, and you can immediately appreciate the value of negotiation training for a sales organization. The individual and corporate payoffs to having more effective managers and executives is similarly exciting.

If your whole company negotiates better you will have an important competitive advantage. And negotiation skills are not just about getting better deals from vendors and customers. Internal communications can be improved when people listen better and prepare well for important discussions. Please contact us today for information on how we might help you.

Win-Win Negotiation Tips

Negotiation TacticsIn most negotiations there is a possible outcome that will satisfy all parties. Why not look for it? Sometimes a confrontational approach prevents a deal entirely, and a win-win contract is most likely to be renewed. Connect yourself and your company more securely with your customers by crafting deals that will lock out the competition and ensure your long-term success.

We recommend that you start every discussion with clear objectives and established limits on where you will compromise and where you cannot. With this structure in place you will never make a deal that you are not happy with, and you are free to accommodate the other party’s interests insofar as they don’t impinge on your pre-established deal-breakers.

Our Negotiation Training Course

We offer negotiation training in formats adapted to specific industries and companies, but the core content is common to all courses.  All programs are offered in both English and French. Here is a summary of standard course offering:

Corporate training

The Secrets of Power Negotiation

This negotiation course will show participants how to get ready for the face-to-face portion of the negotiation well in advance of the meeting. Fundamental precepts are to prepare well and act deliberately. The negotiation methods we teach are based on being strategic and planning ahead. Also key is to prevent acrimony and end the engagement in a way that permits everyone to feel good about the deal.

If you want to be more successful in your business or personal negotiations this course can help you develop the skills to be more effective.  Basic negotiation skills are addressed in order to ensure a foundation for the advanced training provided. Whatever your current experience you will conclude that The Secrets of Power Negotiation was the best negotiation training you have ever had.

Course Objectives

Participants should finish the course with the following accomplished:

  • Know how to prepare mentally and physically for a negotiation
  • Know the primary negotiation success factors
  • Understand the principles of effective negotiations
  • Understand how gambits are employed in negotiations
  • Be able to achieve a true win-win outcome that will lead to a long-lasting relationship

Core Content

Successful negotiation requires good self-control, the ability to fully understand and exploit all the verbal and non-verbal communication, and a solid grounding in negotiation tactics. Our course content addresses all of these facets in detail. Here are highlights:

Self-Control – Manage Yourself
  • The negotiator’s personality and its impacts
  • The negotiator’s biases and perceptions
  • How context and perceptions affect the message
  • Staying focused on the outcome
  • The five aptitudes of an effective negotiator
  • The impact of what you don’t say but still communicate
  • Delivering your message clearly to varying personalities
  • Managing stress and emotion
Understanding the Other Person
  • The message behind the message
  • Recognizing the 5 types of decision makers
  • Determining the personality and values of the other party
  • Discover the criteria and their equivalence (hot buttons)
  • Signs of the client’s state of readiness
  • Decoding the unspoken messages (face to face and on the telephone)
Negotiation Tactics and Techniques
  • Negotiation essentials: 7 principles
  • Distractions and gambits
  • Feedback and steps that will lead inevitably to an agreement
  • The five characteristics of a successful negotiation
  • How to transform a “No” into a “Maybe,” and a “Maybe” into a “Yes”
  • Seven ways to craft effective and convincing arguments
  • Three rules to follow to achieve win-win outcomes
  • Uncovering the bluffing games
  • Increase your closing ratio by circumventing impasses

Course Methodology

Participants will prepare for the course with a review of their current negotiation process and goals, including:

  • How do they prepare for negotiations?
  • What objectives do they set?
  • What is the nature of the interactions that occur?
  • What are the primary obstacles in achieving a successful outcome?
  • How do they manage the obstacles currently?
  • What are the results and success rate?

The preparatory review of these points will enable participants to easily relate the new learnings to their situation. We have found that the more thoroughly people understand their current negotiation techniques and issues the faster they can improve with the new methods we teach.

The course will include direct presentation of concepts with an emphasis on interactions and a dynamic presentation style. Examples will be drawn from the real-life experience of the participants and the presenter. Scenarios will be played out. Role-play and practice will be de rigour.

At the end of the negotiation seminar everyone will have prepared an individual improvement plan. This document will help you navigate from your current process to a new and improved one based on your learnings in the course.

The Art of Negotiation – Professional Development Courses in Montreal

Impact-Pro is well recognized in Montreal and in Quebec as a leading resource for negotiation and sales corporate training. Clients include Quebec and Canadian corporations of all sizes as well as professional orders. We have collaborated with many professional orders to develop specialized negotiation courses integrated into their professional development programs.

Negotiation Training

ChAD Accredited Negotiation Training

The Chambre de l’assurance de dommages includes the Impact-Pro negotiation training in its catalog of courses its members can take to satisfy their professional development requirements.  Our ChAD Accredited Negotiation Course qualifies for 6 PDU (Professional Development Units).

The ChAD members report that the Impact-Pro program is valuable in improving their effectiveness in the necessary negotiations they undertake every day with their clients and potential clients. The relevant content includes training on spotting when your counterparty is bluffing, and on how to create win-win outcomes.

These two points are essential in negotiating sales to a close – as both parties need to be satisfied with the outcome. Negotiations are not necessarily conflictual, and salespeople need to create deals that deliver value for clients while meeting profitability requirements. There is no place in good sales negotiation for negative emotions or stress. Our course includes content on controlling stress levels and emotions during negotiations.

CFS Continuing Education in Negotiating

The Chambre de la sécurité financière is another professional order that calls on Impact-Pro for training on the art of negotiation. CSF members develop negotiation skills with us while earning 5 professional development units.

Negotiation courses for the financial services industry are based on principles of ethical negotiation and support compliance with applicable regulations and procedures. In this context negotiation is about preparation, and on understanding the position and perspectives of the other person. The negotiation workshops and contract negotiation training CFS members receive enables them to be better at their jobs and to better serve their clients.

Sales Negotiation for Real Estate (OACIQ Certified)

L’Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ) has engaged Impact-Pro to develop a Real-Estate Negotiation Training program. Member agents and firms benefit from a course that focuses on the needs of realtors and their clients.

Effective communication skills are essential to success in real estate. Real estate brokers are selling a communication and negotiation service. For them, being a good negotiator is the fundamental basis of their product and their success in business. Advanced negotiation strategies are employed every day by successful sales people in all industries, and in real estate the value of an experienced trainer is obvious.

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