Customer Service Training. Be different. Unleash your creativity.

Excellent customer service, which goes far beyond listening politely and offering a smile, enhances product value, helps build a loyal clientele and plays a key role in marketing.


Customer service training. Adjust your style.
Length: 6 / 12 hours

Part 1

Greeting the client, whether on the phone or in person, requires a particular attitude and approach. After all, you don’t get a second chance to make a favourable first impression. Studies have shown that clients who are dissatisfied with customer service will often change suppliers.

Learn how to establish a trusting relationship with customers, how to probe and listen actively, how to find the right words and tone to respond to customer expectations, and how to deal effectively with various customer attitudes (stubborn, angry, informed, worried, etc.).

Part 2

Defuse tough customers by optimizing the transaction process. In the past, you treated customers the way you yourself would like to be treated. Now you must serve them the way they want to be served.


Customer service training
Empathy and understanding — your best allies.

Length: 6 hours
This workshop, demonstrating how you can achieve excellence in customer service, covers:

  • The 10 pitfalls to avoid
  • New consumer trends
  • The importance of communication and courtesy
  • Making the effort to understand the client, comply with your “zero complaints” policy and deal effectively with all customer complaints to the mutual satisfaction of both parties.