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About Farès Chmait

“Every day, many people wake up with the opportunity to redefine who they believe they are and who they want to become. Their biggest challenge to materialize their vision lies in their perception of themselves and the world. Choice is power. Self-interpretation can either pull you forward or backward, so why not choose to fully live life rather than suffer from living a life of existence? Success or failure, very often, the choice is right between our ears!“

Farès Chmait

AUTHOR, SPEAKER, TRAINER and MOTIVATOR. COACHING specialist for more than 25 years.

Dynamic and committed, Fares Chmait relies on his Post-Master training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and his experience working with organizations in more than 20 countries since 1986 to enable a growing number of companies and individuals to achieve their goals.

A seasoned expert in emotional maturity, in working with his clients he draws not only on his academic knowledge but also on his practical corporate experience to give people the tools to take positive steps personally and professionally. Fares’ mission is to help them turn adversity into opportunity, by using the most effective tools to empower leadership and communication skills.

As a visiting professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University and the John Molson Executive Centre, Fares shares his vast experience in the business world with key executives and managers. He brings to his unique approach a key element in management: the human factor. His expertise will enable you to understand why people do what they do, not what they are supposed to do.

Fares expertly guides clients in diverse subject areas: leadership; emotional intelligence; reading & interpreting non-verbal cues (which he taught for five years to provincial government investigators); project management; the individual and the team; power presentations; the art of negotiation; cultural diversity; and, intergenerational communication.

Practitioner to the core and a firm believer in his methods, Fares is the author of numerous publications, including Beyond Selling (1995), which is recognized as one of the best works on applying new communications techniques to selling. He’s also the author of Coupables de réussir (2002), Conversations déterminantes (2012), and The Power of Decision (2012). Fares is the founder of Impact-Pro.


Lillia Hitache,
Business Development Specialist

Morgane Juan,
Customer Service Specialist


A proven natural leader recognized for his human and logical approach, Louis is an adviser in conflict management and an harassment investigator to the Ministry of Defense.

A Specialist in Emotional Intelligence. His approach combines theory with practice, and reflection with exercises. He leads participants to accomplish their potential and discover the pleasure in work and life.

A natural leader and seasoned communicator, Pierre is, among other things, in charge of the Mon Emploi column in Saturday’s La Presse careers and professions section. Pierre is a key reference in the field of labour relations.

Jimmy Muyal has extensive experience in corporate training and events. He has achieved a broad range of mandates, including: customer creation and retention, sales growth, and retirement-related negotiations and planning.

To help others obtain what they truly want to achieve, whether the focus is Leadership, Emotional Intelligence or Performance he is one who leads by example. As an Ironman athlete who has competed in several Ironman Triathlon races across North America, Lino brings his sense of commitment and dedication to the workplace.

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