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Executive Leadership Coaching in Montreal

“Leaders become great, not because of their power,
but because of their ability to empower others.”

~ John Maxwell

“Good is always the enemy of great.”
~ Jim Collins

Are you truly empowering your team to achieve their full potential? Do you think there could be room for improvement?

Every leader knows in their heart that they could be even better than they are today. Being open to growth and improvement is the hallmark of the greatest business leaders. No one stays on top of their game by repeating the same actions and strategies as things change around them.
Executive coaching is about being the best leader you can be –for your company, and for yourself. The modern executive embraces change and eagerly looks for support in adapting to constant challenge and learning.

Impact-Pro executive coaching is for corporate leaders who want to be prepared to thrive in any environment.


Choose among our courses on leadership and communication for yourself or your team, or contact us about one-on-one or small group coaching programs.

Impact-Pro is an executive coaching company with a team of trainers and coaches with professional and academic credentials across a wide range of disciplines.

Our coaches hold Masters degrees in Psychology, Industrial Relations, and Human Resources, and the team’s background includes a variety of industries, the Canadian Forces, and academia. We are university professors, corporate leaders, strategic thinkers – and we are here to support your organization’s success.
We have had the opportunity to work with some of the top tier-1 companies across Canada.

What did their Leadership teams have to say?

Communication – Understanding And Influence

Communication is the essence of leadership. We offer content and coaching to support leaders in communication and influence. Develop your ability to motivate others toward the common goal and put your skills to work to increase your personal and organizational effectiveness.

Leadership – Manage Change And Inspire Performance

Leadership is not about having all the answers. Top executives must lead while relying on their team for critical decision-making inputs. The boss can only be as good as his or her people.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a buzzword in management circles, so let’s take a moment to define what we mean by emotional intelligence in the context of coaching and support for executives.

Train for sucess and inspire change now!

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Our mission is to help you and your organization grow into what you want to be and have the potential to become.

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