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Executive Leadership Coaching in Montreal

Every leader knows in their heart that they could be even better than they are today. Being open to growth and improvement is the hallmark of the greatest business leaders. No one stays on top of their game by repeating the same actions and strategies as things change around them.

Executive coaching is about being the best leader you can be – for your company, and for yourself. The modern executive embraces change and eagerly looks for support in adapting to constant challenge and learning.

Impact-Pro executive coaching is for corporate leaders who want to be prepared to thrive in any environment.

Executive Leadership Programs

Choose among our courses on leadership and communication for yourself or your team, or contact us about one-on-one or small group coaching programs.

Communication – Understanding And Influence

Communication is the essence of leadership. We offer content and coaching to support leaders in communication and influence.  Develop your ability to motivate others toward the common goal and put your skills to work to increase your personal and organizational effectiveness.

Learn to read between the lines and go far beyond the surface content of what others tell you. Our program will show you how to listen beyond the words to quickly spot misrepresentation and get to the gist of what someone is not saying.

Develop public speaking and negotiation skills – must-haves for all top executives. Negotiation is one of the core specialities of Impact-Pro and our founder Fares Chmait.

Leadership – Manage Change And Inspire Performance

Leadership is not about having all the answers. Top executives must lead while relying on their team for critical decision-making inputs. The boss can only be as good as his or her people. The essential conundrum of modern corporate leadership is the requirement to be humble and listen to everyone while being responsible for the overall results and being the ultimate decision maker.

It’s a hard job, and we can help.

Developing Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a buzzword in management circles, so let’s take a moment to define what we mean by emotional intelligence in the context of coaching and support for executives.

Emotional intelligence for business leaders is about being the most effective communicator you can be. By cultivating your own emotional intelligence and emotional maturity you can better understand all the messages that others are sending – and you can choose how you will respond instead of reacting on emotional auto-pilot.

A Professional Executive Coaching Comapny

Impact-Pro is an executive coaching company with a team of trainers and coaches with professional and academic credentials across a wide range of disciplines. Our coaches hold Masters degrees in Psychology, Industrial Relations, and Human Resources, and the team’s background includes a variety of industries, the Canadian Forces, and academia. We are Certified Management Consultants (CMC), university professors, corporate leaders – and we are here to support your organization’s success.

Our publications are numerous and include journals, articles, and books. Our Emotional Intelligence practice lead, Joseph Chbat PhD., is well known in his field and his research informs our offerings around emotional intelligence and leadership.

The Schulich School of Business at York University and the John Molson Executive Centre at Concordia University here in Montreal both welcome members of our team as visiting professors. View client comments to learn more about Impact-Pro’s interventions in Canadian companies of all sizes.

The Ontological executive oaching ProcessS

Ontological coaching is an approach based on a deeply rooted practical understanding of language, and its emotional and physical context and manifestations. A conversation includes many layers of communication including body language, the interactions of the emotional states of individuals, as well as the structures of language and expression.  A leader who can employ all the channels of communication to understand others and who can convey their message across the spectrum of communication will be an exceptionally effective executive.


In order to be the most effective communicators possible, we need to understand the way we perceive the world around us in order to adapt our actions towards the desired results without being hampered by our own internal biases.

Our training and coaching programs give you the skills to identify the limitations you’ve created in your mind, confront them and discover your best self. In an increasingly changing and competitive business environment, these practices will help you succeed both personally and professionally.

Language – Generate Opportunities or Stifle Them

The words you choose have an impact beyond the surface meaning of the phrases they construct. If you can make conscious choices to select the language that will bring the best out in others you will create unstoppable momentum for your projects.

Manage Your Moods And Emotions

Step outside yourself for a moment and realize that you can control and harness your emotions. Learn to channel your emotional energy in intelligent ways to get results.

Body Language And executive Mental Posture

Body language is integral to all face to face communication, and it also directly impacts your mental state. Harness the most effective type of communication in your life and work.

Personalised Executive Training

When you decide to invest in coaching for yourself or your leadership team your Impact-Pro executive coach will start by learning about you and your company with the goal of understanding how we can best add value for you.

Executive coaching is always personalized by its very nature. There is no one-size-fits-all program for CEOs, because every situation is unique. Your coach will develop a plan and a schedule around your requirements and objectives.

Please contact us anytime for a free consultation to see if our services could be a good fit for you.

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