How to Influence With Integrity

Influencing isn’t about forcing your ideas. It's knowing how to make them irresistible.

Online Course
Increase your market share by way of persuasion.


Do you have a hard time getting your point across? Do you easily succumb to others ? Or do you sometimes find it just too exhausting to persist, or insist, on getting what you want?

It can be hard. But it doesn’t have to be. Remember ONE thing:

What motivates others, isn’t necessarily what motivates you.

To influence, don’t insist. Choose to analyze and react strategically. I’ll show step-by-step and you’ll notice an immediate difference.

This simple course helps you:

  • Decipher the environment quickly and clearly, to adapt your approach.
  • Detect subtle, personal cues that reveal the other person’s interests and what their decision making process looks like.
  • Understand and change the words you use for deeper, positive impact.
  • Speak with ease and manage conversations that seem otherwise difficult or deadlocked
  • The art of smoothly transforming a “no” into a “maybe” and then a “maybe” into a “yes”
  • Identify and understand all that’s communicated through gestures, body language and facial expressions. Even on videoconference calls!

To understand and apply the Language of Influence” you must first understand yourself. Know how to manage your moods and emotions, listen to the other person’s vocabulary (there are keywords in there!) and foster the trust and respect that are conducive to dialogue and discussion.

I’ve been teaching communications, negotiation and management to business people around the world for over 30 years. I offer you the wisdom of my own experience, so your conversations become powerful, positive and profitable.

Choose between a live virtual session with an active Q&A period OR a pre-registered webinar that’s just under 4 hours.

I look forward to meeting you.

Qui est Farès Chmait ?
Tout d’abord, Farès est formateur, orateur et auteur.

Dynamique et engagé, Farès Chmait a permis, depuis 1986, à une multitude d’entreprises nationales et internationales d’atteindre leurs objectifs d’affaires.

Conférencier motivateur inspiré et inspirant, Farès Chmait ne se contente pas de porter les titres de formateur, conseiller et conférencier; tout son être transcende sa volonté de provoquer le changement et d’influencer positivement la destinée de sa clientèle en lui fournissant des outils efficaces et porteurs de succès.