Influencing does not mean to impose ideas on others; it means having an irresistible message and knowing how to deliver it to others effectively, by:

  • knowing yourself and know how to manage moods and emotions
  • listening to the keywords of our interlocutors
  • fostering an atmosphere of trust and respect that is conducive to dialogue and exchange of ideas
  • delivering a clear and inspiring message to different personality types



  • Tools to be able to clearly read your environment so you can adjust your approach
  • Strategies to quickly identify the values, motivations and decision-making processes of your
  • interlocutors
  • Managing your most important tool (one that can either generate or stifle opportunity): language!
  • The art of supporting your message in order to get out of a ‘dead end’
  • What we communicate through our gestures, body and face



  • Avoid the evil impact of words
  • Adapt your message to make it irresistible
  • Know how to mobilize people behind an idea and maintain their commitment until project end
  • Control language to increase your persuasive ability


With this training, you will master the knowledge of being and the expertise required to have.

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