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In today’s competitive market, generating sales is not an easy task. Through a myriad of advertisement, social media, and all the other mediums, organizations are brought to complete intricate market researches and studies in order to figure-out how to get a potential customer to glance at their product. Once this not-so-easy task is finally completed, a new and sometimes much bigger challenge is presented: how do you get the passerby to move-in and make lodge; how do you get a “yes” and gain a new (and satisfied) client?

The Art of Selling

From a market vendor selling fresh local produce, to a VP of a Fortune 50 company closing a multi-billion-dollar deal, every minute of every hour, there is someone in the world that is selling something to someone else. Regardless of the size of their business and the industry in which they operate, what differentiates the top-sellers is their ability to build relationships. No matter who is buying what, neuroscience tells us that we are all inclined to act in a similar way to certain situations. Good sellers will understand these human subtleties in order to maximize their business. The act of “closing the deal” has much to do with understanding the psychology of your buyer. Grasping what your potential buyer wants and making it as easy as possible for them to get it, is the secret to generating sales.

Sales and Negotiation Skills

When presented with the word “salesperson”, too many imagine the stereotypical smooth talking salesman who will sell you a malfunctioning product you’ll never use. However, the best salespeople are actually great listeners who are carefully trying to identify their client’s need. A great salesperson is a problem solver. They will ensure that their product or service will benefit their clients and fulfill whatever their specific need is.

Many companies will invest in the continual training of their sales staff, ensuring that their knowledge of the organization’s products or services is up-to-date. However, high-performing sales professionals are successful because they rely on more than their natural inclination for sales and the company’s training. They are consistent in investing into their own development.

Sales Training Courses

Available Courses

Real Estate Negotiation – 5 UFC
Real Estate Negotiation – 5 UFC

Real estate and mortgage brokers must understand the principles and requirements for effective negotiations. Discover how to achieve true win-win results that will lead to profit and success.

The Secrets of Power Negotiation – 5 UFC
The Secrets of Power Negotiation – 5 UFC

This workshop focuses on the 3 essential rules to follow to ensure a win–win outcome in any negotiation process. Learn the process and you really cannot lose. Set your goals and succeed.

How to Boost Your Marketshare – 5 UFC
How to Boost Your Marketshare – 5 UFC

Learn the principles of negotiation including tactics, interactions, and the understanding of yourself and the other person. Get more than your share in your local market, starting today.

Good salespeople have the right sales tools, techniques and skills; great salespeople also have the right attitude!

Product knowledge, your proficiency in using the necessary selling tools and techniques, your appreciation for your customers’ requirements, and your presentation skills are all essential factors in achieving success in sales. However, good selling is also about what goes on inside your head.

What makes top sales professionals so successful? How do they keep their confidence up even after hearing a lot of “Nos”?

It is their willingness to stay informed, and their ability to maintain a great attitude that keep them at the top.

Customer Focused Sales

To bring-in revenue and increase profit, organizations need to perform effectively at the customer level. In today’s competitive market, the more thriving companies are the ones that have placed “customer focus” on the forefront. Having a customer focus means ensuring the customers’ satisfaction comes first. Companies that adopt this method understand what their buyers want and expect, and are committed to give it to them. It’s like Sam Walton used to say: “There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

Sales Management – Building and Managing Customer Relationships

In order to identify and exceed their clients’ expectations, present day sales executives have evolved from simply motivating and managing a sales team.

They create opportunity by opening doors toward new potential prospects, they overcome objections by becoming effective negotiators, and, most of all, they generate long-term value by developing relationships with clients and partners.

Sell With Zero Resistance

This training provides practical and effective tools to optimize your sales process. Participants will be sensitized to the importance of relationships established with prospects, and how to exceed the expectations of potential and current customers. By quickly identifying the values, motivations and decision-making processes of the other person, you will be able to adjust your verbal and non-verbal messages to deliver flexible client service and influence with integrity. The program also equips you to handle objections effectively.

In this course, we will look at ways to convey a message that speaks to your clients and, essentially “close the deal”. We will also look at the market practices used to build long-term positive connections, and how to overcome the challenges that can sometimes occur during the selling process.

Core Content

  • Design and deliver proposals that speak to the head, heart and wallet
  • Increase your closing ratio
  • Relationship-building techniques

At the end of this training, participants will have a better understanding of how to grasp their clients’ needs and evaluate the best way to communicate with them. Participants will also learn how to build better relationships with their clients and partners. Finally, participants will know how to respond to objections by becoming aware of their own inner-speech, and understanding techniques to maintain a positive attitude.

Impact of the Training

  • Unique Partnership Proposal (UPP) – how your service is structured
  • Countering obstacles in the transaction process
  • Why the “one size fits all” approach does not work
  • When and how to close a sale — reasons why 63% of sales forces in North America aren’t able to close

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