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Leadership Training Courses

Every Company Needs Leadership Development Training

Leadership is one of the most important challenges facing Canadian companies today. From head offices in Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver there is a consistent message: the shortage of leadership talent is a constraint on growth.

Many companies have reacted by setting up leadership development programs, and these are generally successful at enriching the bench strength of the organization. There are significant challenges in identifying future leaders, nurturing their development, retaining them in the company, and preparing them for eventual senior positions.

Leadership development programs include an important training component. Impact-Pro is engaged with leading Canadian corporations in delivering leadership training. Our courses support the growth of the internal talent pool by giving managers the tools to become more effective leaders.

Our leadership curriculum includes change management, communication skills, and conflict resolution. Graduates of our training programs can be found in the executive ranks at Petro Canada, Molson Breweries, and Jean Coutu.

The Impact-Pro Leadership Curriculum

Leadership is a broad set of abilities encompassing communications, self-awareness, emotional intelligence, as well as management skills. The Impact-Pro leadership curriculum addresses these key elements, and is designed to integrate into your corporate training programs.

Here is a summary of standard course offerings:

Available Courses

Sustainable and Inspiring Leadership
Sustainable and Inspiring Leadership

This training shows you how to analyze your attitude, how you manage energy, your communication style, and the degree of engagement you are able to inspire in others.

Managing Change Through Continuity
Managing Change Through Continuity

Learn to identify and manage the stages of change ― from crisis to transition, to processing, and finally to stability ― using the skills of continuity management. A must for senior leadership.

The Individual and the Team
The Individual and the Team

The best approaches to encourage the pooling of skills in an environment where everyone feels valued, respected and committed to their colleagues, as they jointly aim to achieve corporate goals.

Leadership Courses For Management – Coaching For Executives

Leadership skills training is accomplished through on-site corporate training programs delivered by our experienced resources. Please see detail below on the programs available.

Executive coaching is offered for senior leaders in a one-on-one format. Our executive coaching resources include Impact-Pro founder Fares Chmait, and internationally recognized expert on business leadership. Mr. Chmait is a visiting professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University and also at the John Molson Executive Centre at Concordia University here in Montreal.

Sustainable And inspiring Leadership

Become a leader who inspires their team to do their very best. Learn why the most successful corporate leaders focus on self-mastery first.

This course focuses on the fundamentals required to bring out the best in others and gather the best people into your team.

After this course you will have the sustainable leadership tools to lead and influence with integrity.

Managing Change Through Continuity – stable Leadership in Unstable Situations

Leadership is tested during periods of crisis and change. Weather the storm and come out stronger, or sink under the waves of change. The leader who can manage change and provide stability for his or her team will thrive as the corporate and business environment evolves around them.

This course curriculum covers change at the individual, group, and organizational level.

Gain invaluable insight and practical skills to support your team and your career.

The Individual And The Team – Lead For Synergy

When a team does not work well together the group is less effective than they would be working individually. Internal competition and jealousy is common in corporate work teams and the boss who does not manage these situations well will never develop successful teams – and will thereby severely limit their own potential.

This training will show you how to promote a functional team dynamic with a common language and shared objectives. Motivate individuals to support each other by facilitating commitment to the corporate vision. This training can have an important effect on your organizational and personal effectiveness.

Conflict Resolution – Channel And Anticipate Issues

Corporate managers are forced to spend time managing conflicts within their organization. This course addresses conflict by teaching leaders to handle these conflicts well as well as providing techniques for managing individual personalities into productive channels before negative interactions occur.

Good leaders accept conflict as inevitable and understand that effective conflict management strengthens their leadership and the team’s effectiveness. Many managers are uncomfortable with conflict and seek to minimize rather than manage – and this does not provide the necessary opportunity for proper resolution.

Learn to anticipate and manage conflict to get the best out of your team.

Influence With Integrity – Lead With Language

Maximize your impact by tailoring your message to the context and environment. Sound simple? Learn to use the language of influence to expand your ability to motivate others and build buy-in.

Communication skills training with applications every day in business and in life.

This course delivers tools to manage conversational mood and develop a context of trust that will get your message listened to and incorporated into decision-making processes.

Listen Beyond The Words – Nonverbal Communication

Listen beyond the surface of communication and understand how reliable the information you hear is. Learn the skills to spot subterfuge and misrepresentation and put yourself in a stronger leadership role.

Much of what people tell you is coloured at least a little bit by their own agenda – and some lie outright.

This course will help you develop the skills to separate the good and bad information and to pursue your own agenda from a fully informed position.

Methodology For Leading Effective Meetings

Running a productive meeting is fundamental to getting projects executed – and is a key way to make or break your reputation as a leader.

Staff will appreciate effective meetings where their relevant participation is valued. Conversely, if you get a reputation for holding time-wasting meetings your political capital will deteriorate. Learn how to set an efficient agenda, elicit valuable participation, and engage your participants.  Your next project’s success may depend on your meeting management ability.

Leadership Seminars And Motivational Speaking

Impact-Pro founder Fares Chmait is an internationally recognized presenter and keynote speaker on leadership and communication. He draws on his decades of experience working with corporate leaders around the world to deliver leadership insights in workshop and presentation format in addition to Impact-Pro’s course catalog. Join the hundreds of companies who have enjoyed Mr. Chmait’s presentations and benefited from his ideas.

Develop a Leadership Program For Your Managers

Impact-Pro can support your internal program development. Please contact us for an initial consultation.

Steps In Defining a Leadership Development Program

  1. Determine the ideal leadership style for your company
  2. Identify current and potential leaders within the company
  3. Identify leadership gaps
  4. Develop a skills list for future leaders
  5. Identify the training requirements to support the skills
  6. Develop a training program
  7. Develop retention programs for current and future leaders



All courses are available on demand for your corporate group, in our training centre or on site at your company location.

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