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Communication Skills Training for Business

Communication is the heart of everything. Not much of importance gets accomplished by one person working alone, so successful organizations are those that invest in ensuring effective communications.

Business communications is a two way street. Managers and employees need be both good listeners and good speakers. The very best communicators put the emphasis on listening and understanding first, and speaking or writing second. Communication training that just focuses on speaking at the expense of listening misses the point.

Non-verbal communication is also key. Send the right message with your body language, and learn to see non-verbal cues in others. Impact-Pro’s communication trainings support listening and understanding as fundamental to effective communication and influence. This has been shown to be the best route to improving communication skills and business results.

Soft Skills Training is Not Optional

There is no corporate job that cannot be done better by a man or woman who is an excellent communicator. Communication and negotiation skills are as essential as reading and writing when it comes to getting things done in a company of any size.

Sales and management communication with customers and external stakeholders is a make or break proposition for business. Individual leaders will sink or swim based on their communication skills. Companies that succeed in understanding their customers will prosper, while those with no strong bi-directional lines of communication are at risk.

Harvard Business Review subscribers rated communication as the most important factor in making an executive promotable. It is hard to overestimate the value of good communication to enterprises and their leaders. Corporate training investment continues to grow worldwide (and here in Montreal), and communication skills are the fastest growing programs.

Corporate Communication Courses and Workshops

Impact-Pro delivers a communication curriculum designed to meet the needs of business leaders and managers of all levels. Courses and workshops have been adapted to various group sizes and we are also able to develop custom course content for specific corporate training requirements.

Here are our standard communication skills training courses:

Available Courses

How to Influence With Integrity
How to Influence With Integrity

Influencing does not mean to impose ideas on others; it means having an irresistible message and knowing how to deliver it to others effectively. Sharpen your skills and open the door to success.

Public Speaking: Communicate with Impact
Public Speaking: Communicate with Impact

To make an impact, you must be properly prepared, rid yourself of your fears, and engage your audience. Learn the methods of professional speakers.

Intergenerational and Intercultural Communication
Intergenerational and Intercultural Communication

Whether nationally or internationally, for companies to grow they must know how to communicate with the rich spectrum of people and cultures.

NLP Applied to the Business World
NLP Applied to the Business World

As Post-Master practitioner of NLP, your trainer Farès Chmait will explain why humans tend not to do what they might be expected to do in order to ensure their personal well-being.

Listen Beyond The Words
Listen Beyond The Words

Cultivate and get full advantage of the talents and unique skills of your team, and use your leadership position and skills to initiate change, influence behaviour and contribute to professional growth.

Communication Training in Montreal


Impact-Pro trainers are certified professionals with deep experience in their areas of expertise. All courses are available in English and French, and our team members can facilitate bilingual sessions. Course materials are also provided in both languages.


Executive coaching is offered in greater Montreal. Coaching can be specifically in support of communication skills development, or more broad based. Our company founder, Fares Chmait, will work directly with senior leaders.

A visiting professor at the Schulich School of Business at York University and the John Molson Executive Centre, Fares shares his vast experience in the business world with key executives and managers. He brings his unique approach to understanding the key element in management: the human factor.  His expertise will support understanding of why people do what they do, and how to best leverage individual talents to achieve corporate goals.

Accredited Professional Development Workshops

Impact-Pro negotiation training is accredited with three professional bodies in Quebec. Participants will earn professional development credits for the following organizations:

OACIQ – Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec

  • 5 continuing education units

The Barreau du Québec

  • 5 professional development units

CSF – Chambre de la sécurité financière

  • 5 professional development units



All courses are available on demand for your corporate group, in our training centre or on site at your company location.

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