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TRAINING and EXECUTIVE COACHING Specialists since 1990, Impact-Pro propels the performance of individuals and companies to help them materialize their personal and professional visions.

Your company will benefit from courses that will improve individual and organizational effectiveness.
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Corporate Training Themes

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corporate training - Molson“Mr. Chmait is an expert in his field. He knows how to convey knowledge in a whole new, more efficient and interesting way. The breadth of his experience enriches what we learned from him. And his numerous real-life examples make understanding the material so much easier.”
– Molson Breweries
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corporate trainer - communication skills training

Corporate Training Programs on Influence and Negotiations – Communicate Differently

Persuasive communication is the essence of leadership in business and personal life. Our course content around communication focuses on building the ability to influence others and conduct successful negotiations – always with an ethical imperative.

Learn more about our communication offerings for company training classes.

Montreal companies invest in communication training courses for sale and management in order to support company growth objectives and to improve internal information flows and organizational effectiveness. Learn more about how your business could communicate differently.

Get more detail on negotiation training for professional sales and insurance settlements

Negotiation courses offered by Impact-Pro are accredited professional development trainings for the insurance, real-estate, and financial industries. Learn more:

  • Chambre de la sécurité financière accredited negotiation course
  • Chambre de l’assurance de dommages accredited negotiation course
  • OACIQ accredited negotiation course

corporate training programs

Training Content to Improve Effectiveness – Work Differently

Sales skills, time management, and leadership are the principal corporate training topics developed under the work differently banner.

Sales Training Courses to Grow Your Company

Sales is the engine of corporate growth. Companies that invest in coaching and development of their sales forces lead their Canadian peers in sales improvements year after year. Courses to consider for your company’s training program include Selling With Zero Resistance and The Secrets of Power Negotiation.

Time Management Training

The Impact-Pro Time Management and Priorities course will cultivate effective prioritization skills, delegation ability, and aims to give your team conscious control of their workloads. In a nutshell, this corporate training class will help your people and your company get more of the right stuff done.

Leadership Training for Corporate Managers

Leadership is the focus of many different kinds of corporate learning activities. Our course content is designed to support the development of sustainable leadership practices that will prepare your managers for success in daily operations as well when managing change. Courses include Managing Change Though Continuity and Sustainable and Inspiring Leadership.

corporate training - Petro Canada“The workshop by Impact-Pro was extremely useful, in particular to enhance our sales efforts and abilities. The subject knowledge of the presenter was vastly superior to others we have experienced in the past. We highly recommend Impact-Pro to all sales teams.”
– Petro-Canada
corporate training activities - Emploi Quebec“The tools offered in these seminars are practical and useful in decoding unspoken communication. When put into practice these tools deliver results. We recommend Mr. Chmait for his expertise, his passion and for the humor with which he delivers the material.”
– Emploi Québec

Build and manage great teams

Emotional Intelligence Training in the Workplace and Beyond – Live Differently

best corporate training programs - emotional intelligence

Improving emotional intelligence has been shown to lead to enhanced personal and professional lives. Companies around the world (and here in Montreal) have embraced building emotional intelligence as a lever for company growth. The corporate training content we offer includes two emotional intelligence offerings – Develop Emotional Maturity and Unleash Your Full Potential.

Specialized Corporate Trainers

The Impact-Pro team includes experts in all facets of business and skills development. The team is known for its expertise in communication, marketing, sales, and business development. We have the depth of resources and experience to deliver world-class training for your company.
Choose from our selection of standard courses, or speak with us today about your unique requirements and let us build a program around your company’s opportunities.

Training for Success – Choose Your Path

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If you are on this site, chances are you want to move forward and that you understand the importance of continued education in order to fulfill your objectives. Investments in ongoing learning for employees and managers pay off in the short and long-term.

Our mission is to help you and your organization grow into what you want to be and have the potential to become. Join with hundreds of Quebec and Canadian companies in benefitting from the Impact-Pro training system and the profound subject-matter expertise of our trainers and consultants.

Effective employee retention strategies

What we can offer:

  • A program created for your specific needs and business objectives
  • Training courses in English or French
  • The best tools in communication, negotiation and sales.
  • Follow-ups to ensure that the concepts are well understood and applied.
  • Expertise in over thirty industries.
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